Peru Travel Ideas


My newest obsession is Peru! I’m gathering all the information I can and putting it together on a pinterest board. Continue reading “Peru Travel Ideas”

The Opportunity Cost of Travel


Everyone can look online and find the cost of a flight and hotel or estimate the cost of food. But what about the intagible items or basic ammentities you give up when you decide to travel. Continue reading “The Opportunity Cost of Travel”

Otto’s Cantonese Restaurant


This is my favorite restaurant in Beijing. Seriously, this is where I went my last night before going home and the first place I visited on a two day layover. Continue reading “Otto’s Cantonese Restaurant”

Cambodia: More than Angkor Wat


Recently I’ve heard fellow travelers state they didn’t enjoy Cambodia and left the country earlier than expected. Whenever I hear this I always ask “Where did you go?” Continue reading “Cambodia: More than Angkor Wat”

View From a Scooter


The light turns green and I dart out to turn right. I push through the intersection but find unwilling to complete the turn. In front of me I see a six inch curb fast approaching. Continue reading “View From a Scooter”

Swimming in Stars


Music drifted out from Jam Bay into the warm night air as I gazed out at the Gulf of Thailand under a moonless sky. Orion’s belt shimmered above barely outshining the plethora of stars on display. Continue reading “Swimming in Stars”

Khao Sok National Park Photo Gallery


Khao Sok National Park

To read about my experience trekking in Khao Sok click here.

Jungle Trekking in Khao Sok


The tour group hopped on a long tail boat headed to a jungle island in Khao Sok National Park. We arrived at the densely bamboo lined shore 20 minutes later and stepped onto a rain soaked jungle floor. Continue reading “Jungle Trekking in Khao Sok”

Singing in Hong Kong


I tossed Gone with the Wind on my bed, threw on my shoes, and walked out of Check Inn HK. I had spent the day exploring Hong Kong solo, and had had enough alone time. Continue reading “Singing in Hong Kong”

Traditional Chinese DumplingsĀ 


Stella and I carried bags of groceries through the narrow alleys of Hefei, a capital city in the centrally located province of Anhui. Continue reading “Traditional Chinese DumplingsĀ “